Being fairly well-organized individuals ourselves, we weren't initially convinced that hiring a wedding coordinator would be entirely valuable for us, as we didn't envision our wedding to be overly extravagant or complicated; however, within a few months of beginning to plan our day, it became clear that the right wedding coordinator would be one of the most valuable services we could acquire to ease the planning and day-of execution. 

It is shocking the amount of planning and decision-making that is required for planning a wedding, even when you're trying to keep it simple. The small details and constant questions during the weeks and days before, not to mention the day-of, can really detract from a bride and groom's wedding day experience when they're busy dealing with logistics like these, rather than focusing on what should be their only jobs: enjoyment and celebration.

Having Mich to field questions, coordinate vendors, understand our vision and wishes, and take initiative to deal with whatever came up throughout the day was the best decision we could've made to ensure we and our wedding party and families were free to celebrate and enjoy the day we put together for us all. For all I know, the ceiling could've been falling in on us, but I knew Mich would take care of it; or anything else for that matter. 

It's true what 'they' say: the day flies by. My best advice: don't spend your day worrying about fine details when someone else could worry about them for you! But hire someone who has proven themselves to be a reputable, dedicated, high-quality and impressive professional. You will get the quality service you need and you won't regret it.

Michelle & Dave R.