You've imagined it a thousand times. You and your partner, kissing under the Eiffel Tower. dining with your closest friends and family at a quaint parisian restaurant drinking a fabulous Bordeaux and eating fine french cuisine.

Or maybe you've pictured your day with your feet in the water, the warm white sand under your feet, watching the most incredible sunset over the ocean, enjoying fruity drinks until the early morning. 

These weddings are beautiful and oh so memorable! But a destination wedding can present unique challenges that CAN BE DOWNRIGHT STRESSFUL, REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY UMBRELLA DRINKS YOU'VE HAD!  But don't worry, as your wedding planners, we've got you covered. Jeff even speaks both French and Spanish, so we can negotiate the best prices and options for your big day, from food selection, to photographers, to decorations, or any other issues that come up during your stay that you would rather not have to worry about.

We have been hired by couples to come by their side and plan their wedding in both French and Spanish speaking countries. we'll help you research destinations, book flights, liaise with their resort coordinator and just make sure that 1000's of kilometers away, things are being taken care of in preparation of your wedding.

the best part? it gives you the freedom to relax and enjoy your trip!

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