Hello to all you AMAZING couples out there! Thanks for reading and following along with our blog!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Michelle and I am a wedding planner and co-ordinator based out of the Kitchener-Waterloo region.  Over the years, my husband and I have started our wedding planning and co-ordinating business and LOVE every minute of it! We love weddings and everything about them: the wedding dress, men's fashion, the make-up, hair, décor, the romance, the flowers, families and friends, the speeches, the ceremony…oh boy do we LOVE the ceremony! Getting to know each of the brides and grooms that we work with really is a gift. We become so close with our couples I have even been asked by a bride prior to her reception if we could still be friends after the wedding was over!? (the answer, of course, was YES!). I will always remember that moment!

Over the years as a wedding planner I have worked with so many unique brides and grooms and have treasured each and every wedding.  I decided to start up this blog as a starting point for newly engaged couples in hopes that I could begin to guide you, assist you and help you plan, budget and find the distinctive style that each of you desire for your Dream Wedding Day! I also hope to showcase my brides and grooms after their wedding talking about all of their intricate details and style that make each of their weddings special and beautiful in their own way.

When I began my own wedding planning, I will admit, I was lucky as I had many of the wedding industry and fashion connections already.

I hear from many brides that they just don’t know where to start and what vendors to trust in order to execute their vision and make their dream day come true. Along with wedding planning and co-ordination, I also want to educate brides on many of the things that I learned about wedding planning and all of the things that I am still learning as time goes on as wedding styles and traditions change and new and innovative vendors come on to the scene.

Stay tuned for blogs and answers to questions regarding what is the difference between wedding coordinators and planners and what is the benefit to having one?  Why shouldn't I have a family member or friend coordinate my wedding to save money? Why it's not fair to have your photographer be your wedding coordinator? (Yes, I am serious!) If a venue has an event coordinator, isn’t that the same thing? And so many more!  Follow along with my blog and if you have a chance, don’t be shy; Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and direct any questions you may have to info@adreamtocallyourown.com. After all, we LOVE chatting weddings and can't wait to hear from you!

Michelle and Jeff