Jeff and Michelle,

Thank you for making our wedding day stress free! With a more "unique" wedding style, our wedding could have been stressful as it is not what many people are used to. Michelle and Jeff really made everything pain-free for myself and my hubby (and my mom!). The day of the wedding, we were all able to relax and enjoy the festivities knowing everything was taken care of and that someone was there to ensure things were happening when they needed to. Besides being organized and hard-working, you two really made us feel comfortable and we enjoyed having them around. You took any extra (and last minute) instructions or requests that we may have asked for with a smile, and took care of it without me having to worry if it would get done. Besides being there the day of and being so helpful, you also put us at ease during our meetings prior to the big day. While we may have been scattered with our thoughts and ideas, you ensured us we weren't and made us feel like it was all in control. Thank you so much for being a part of our big day and letting us enjoy it! We are so glad we had you two there.

High five!!!!!!!!

The new Demko's